Monday, December 5, 2011

Reliving Past Food Adventures

In honor of my foodie extravaganza to Paris this week I thought I would do a montage of my favorite foodie adventures so far. Anywhere I go I tried to order food that I cannot get anywhere else or that is popular in that area. The trips I have included in this post are the London, and Australia. These two have been my most recent trips and they were foodie adventures indeed.

Let's start off with London. I went to London in the summer of 2010 with one of my good friends Katie. I wasn't expecting much since everyone in the U.S says how.. um.. how can I say this without offending British people everywhere.. well OK I'll say it. Lots of people told me it was gross. You could imagine how surprised I was when I fell in LOVE with the food. The first meal I had was of course Fish and Chips. I could not WAIT to have an authentic British dish. A great pub called Black Friars was right outside of our hotel and we stopped there for a pint and some lunch. YUM. However- mushy peas- not so much. Being from new England, fish and chips are everywhere so I was really happy to go to the source. I loved it.

Next was an amazing cupcake shop in Covent Garden. I had been jonsen' for a good cupcake for days and finally we found this little shop. They had awesome mini cupcakes and regular sized ones in tons of different flavors. The cupcakes in here looked so good Katie asked me for a bite of my luscious red velvet cupcake. The bakery could not confirm whether there could be traces of nuts in their cupcakes, which stopped Katie from getting one since she has a peanut allergy. While she watched me eat it she grabbed it out of my hand and took a bite. I almost dropped dead hoping I would not have to administer an EPPI pen and thank God I didn't have to. The girl risked her life for one of these cupcakes. They were delicious.

Next was the best part of the trip. One of our last nights we went to a pub near Picadilly Circus and I ate the BEST Steak and Ale pie - EVER. This thing was giant and after two pints of Guiness how I ate it all was beyond me. The steak was super tender and it was just stick to your ribs good. The pastry, the mashed potatoes, the gravy. OMG. I was in a food coma. I think I remember Katie exclaiming." Wow, you ate more than me. It was worth the calories.

Let's then move to my most recent trip to Australia. What an amazing adventure that was.We had so many great meals and enjoyed every moment.
Georgina the Koala!

One of the best nights in Uluru was The Sounds of Silence Dinner. We had a cocktail hour while the sunset over Kata Juita. It was amazing. Being in the middle of the desert surrounded by the prettiest sites was priceless. We had an amazing Australian BBQ spread. Grilled Kangaroo, crocodile, barabundi and lamb. This picture of my plate looks messy, but honestly I tried to get as much food on my plate as possible. I could not get enough. And yes, the kangaroo was delicious. Thank God I had not seen one until after I ate it.
Sunset over Kata-Juita

My favorite meal was in Surfer's Paradise  at Chang Mai Thai. We were in search for a great Thai restaurant and boy did we find it! We picked up an amazing bottle of wine and ate to our hearts content. I went with my standard Chicken and prawn pad thai and Toby had the sizzling garlic beef. Both were exceptional. I wish we lived there so I could go there every night! Did I mention how gorgeous the this place was? Waterfalls, wooden sculptures. It was beautiful.
Sweet. Salty.Delicious
Looking at all of these great food adventures makes me super excited to have another one in Paris. I will post from Paris about amazing food finds we encounter. Stay Tuned!!

I'm curious though- what was the best meal you ever had while on vacation???


  1. You have to go to : when you are in Paris. I had the caramel millefeuille. It was a spiritual experience. So worth it. GO!

  2. Oh, and best meal in a restaurant was not on vacation, but in NYC one night. Pure Food and Wine. Raw, vegan restaurant. It's truly an art form. The things they could make from purely raw, organic, ingredients free of all wheat/grains, dairy, and animal products is truly impressive and the very best meal out I've ever had. Evan even agreed and feels the same way about that restaurant. Superb.

  3. I would love to go to NYC and try that Renee! Yum!