Bucket List

My Foodie Bucket List

 Everyone needs a Dream. A bucket list helps me with that. I have a regular bucket list, but I figured I would share my foodie bucket list with you. Anything I am missing? Let me know! I will add it!

1. Have my own cooking  show
2. Go to culinary School
3. Have a job in food that I love
4. Have a travel/foodie blog
5.  Have foodie children
6. Learn how to bake an awesome double layer chocolate cake
7. Get 1,000 readers for my blog 
8. Be a traveling food writer
9. Get my husband to like Mexican Food :)


  1. Miss Leanne-

    This is the best chocolate cake recipe I know. Maybe it can help cross #6 off your list?

    PS - Use coffee, not water :)

  2. Brie you are amazing. And I love using coffee instead of water. :O)

  3. Just saw your reply, so I'm sorry for the delayed response! Thank you and likewise, lady :)

    Let me know if you give this cake a go - it's delish.

  4. Slaughter a heritage breed pig with your family, know the gratitude of taking that life raised with respect, make your fresh boudin, cure your hams and bacon and then smoke them...

    1. Phew Patrick.. I'm going to work on that! Coming to your farm will help!