Thursday, December 8, 2011

Around the World: Paris Day 2

Day 2. Marjorie and I called today the day of deals. We started the day off at the Eiffel Tower where we got an awesome crepe ( Marjorie got chestnut and I got lemon and sugar.) Both were delicious. Great snack. We then made out was to the Arc de Triumph.

We then made our way to a Christmas market,which was so huge that it stretched miles on both sides of the street. There were individual stalls which sold all different items.Leathers,scarves,cheese,chocolate etc. The food stalls were obviously our favorite. We found some mulled spiced wine and an amazing stall that sold salmon sandwiches for $5 euro! They were cooking them on a fire in the stall. What a deal.

We then made our way to the Louvre and some shopping. We then went shopping at a huge high end department store,which has a rooftop cafe. We had a drink and it was amazing. You could see a whole view of the city and I got to see the Eiffel Tower twinkle. Amazing.

We then met Maud for dinner at a great restaurant where we had a charcuterie plate,escargot and I had duck au poirve. It was so good! Yes-the escargot were Delish. That's it for today. More food adventures tomorrow!


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