Saturday, December 3, 2011

Booze Cake: Mudslide Cake

Alcohol + Cake= Amazing Idea. Toby and I found a cookbook entitled Booze Cakes. They had me at booze. The book is filled with great recipes like margarita cheesecake ( made with tequila) and jello shot cake. Genius. Saturday night I was invited to a Christmas party with some work friends ( Thanks Geoff and Jason!) I wanted to bring something delicious and alcohol ridden. This fit the bill pretty easily!

There are three parts of this recipe- The batter, the frosting and the caramel drizzle. All parts include Bailey's Irish Cream. YUM. The cookbook has this recipe as a cake, but I decided cupcakes may be better for a party where people were standing. Plus, I love cupcakes. They are so darn cute. Just know to cut the cooking time since they will cook quicker. These cooked in about 12 minutes. I made most of the batter in my Kitchenaid mixer and it was really easy. It is actually fairly simple to make a cake sans boxed mix. The frosting is a light frosting so as always don't frost until the cupcakes are completely cooled. The whip cream will melt pretty easily. I chose to drizzle the caramel on the actual cupcakes then frosted,then drizzled again. I forgot the chocolate to shave on top since I didn't buy it at the market so feel free to top these with whatever you want. If you were wondering- the cakes do not have an overly alcohol taste, but they do they do have a nice yummy flavor.Might I add- the caramel sauce might have been my favorite part. I need to find something else to use it in.

I was not able to find the recipe from the book online, but if you want to check out the book it is on Amazon here:  Get Buzzed......

I will include some pictures from my cooking extravaganza.Hint: the batter for this does not look like a silky cake batter we are used to. Do not get nervous. It still comes out great.
I ate a good amount of this batter. Yum

I scooped cupcakes with a ice cream scoop for more uniform cupcakes

MMmmm Caramel
Poke cupcakes to let caramel get into the cupcakes then frost
Since frosting was so light and airy put in ziplock bag and pipe
There is is. Yum. Bottoms Up!!


  1. Love it! May have to add another cookbook to my wish list!

  2. It's a really great book and the recipes are genius!

  3. looks delicious..... u could have used my homemade baileys in it bet it would be even better ;)