Thursday, December 8, 2011

Around the World: Paris Day 3-4

So today was my somewhat lazy day. I slept in since my amazing tour guide had class. Toby left me to wake up to 2 croissants with nutella,which I ate in bed. Now being full,I was ready to get my day started.

I was a bit apprehensive about navigating to Notre Dame by myself ,but a few wrong ways and missed trains did not make me apprehensive. I made it and enjoyed a look around. The tree they had decorated for Christmas was huge and beautiful.

Marjorie met me after class and we had lunch at this great cafe. We both had croque madamme sandwiches. Wow. For those of you know don't know these are grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with a fried egg on top. It came with a great salad and frittes-yum. There was also melted cheese on top(which seems to be a trend with French sandwiches.) I then went shopping while Marjorie had a doctor's appointment and then we met up for a drink at her school.

Lots of shops in Paris sell these amazing sugar pieces for coffee or Tea. They range from all shapes to little sugar birds that sit on the rim of your coffee. So Cute!! However, cuteness comes at a price. It was like 30 euro for 10. A bit steep for my budget! For those of you that have kitchen aid mixers you will appreciate this- the hot pink mixer pictured was like 700 euro. Insane. It was hot pink though.....

We then went back to the hotel for some pizza with Toby. I know pizza isn't French. Whatever-we were tired. More food adventures to come!

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