Friday, December 2, 2011

Peanut Butter & Nutella Cookie Sandwiches & Decorating our First Christmas Tree

We finally have put up our first ever Christmas Tree as a married couple. Exciting! We actually went to a tree farm in Rhode Island and tagged it Columbus Day weekend and picked it up this week! I slowly started to realize as I got the ornaments out and put them on the tree we had an awful lot of cooking related ornaments. Can you tell we like food much??? Take a look at some I found( the S'mores guy is my favorite):

So after putting up the tree up Toby made us dinner ( what a guy!) So I felt like I had to provide something after he made dinner AND did the dishes. It was in that moment that I had a stroke of genius. I had peanut butter cookies in the freezer and of course have nutella in the pantry. So I looked at these cookies and then it came to me. No need to have boring ole cookies for dessert. We will be having peanut butter and nutella cookie sandwiches!!!! So I put the cookies in the oven and ten minutes later they were warm and gooey. Let the cookies cool ( the nutella will melt very fast if the cookies are still warm- trust me I know.But if you like messy they are good warm also.) As for the frozen cookies, my niece's school sells this cookie dough that is already in cookie form and you just throw them on the pan and they cook in ten minutes.They are really good and come in all different kinds ( we got M&M chip too!) If you have extra time please feel free to make the peanut butter cookies from scratch. I was frankly too lazy and they were sitting in my freezer. These would also be cute if you rolled the sides in sprinkles for some flare. Now don't fret if you have a peanut allergy or hate peanut butter cookies. You can use whatever cookies you want and really any filling, but nutella is my favorite. How I never came up with this idea before I do not know, but we have about 40 cookies left in the freezer so sorry waistline- this will be happening more and more often.

Frozen Cookies

These were so easy and delish.

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