Monday, December 12, 2011

Around the World: Last days in Paris

My last days in Paris were amazing. Toby was not working anymore so we had time to spend together- and boy did we ever. Marjorie, Toby an I went to Momantre, which has a beautiful town on a hill and a huge church that has the most amazing view of Paris below. 

Once again Christmas markets were in full swing. Donuts, sausages, hot chocolate, hand made paper cards etc. They had it all. It was nice just strolling through to see what everyone had. Obviously the highlight was the food( what else is new.) Here is a bit of what we saw.First.. the largest skillet I have ever seen in my life housing HUGE sausages,onions, peppers, and tomatoes. I had to get one ( this was my in between lunch and dinner "snack".) yikes.

And look at this new from this place!

We shopped all afternoon then went to dinner at the most amazing restaurant called Chez Julien in the city. . They had a great menu and it was hard to choose what to get since it was out last night and I didn't want to get the wrong last impression of Paris. lol. So I decided on scallops in a cream sauce. Um....yum. i had almost missed seafood that week ( eating mostly carbs and meat) so this was a nice change. They also had a special for a mushroom gratin. Um.. Holy crap. Best starter ever. Here is what we all had: 
Mushroom Gratin. Yum. Bubbly. Cheesy.
My Scallops. Note: "feet" still attached. ( little orange pieces)
Marjorie's starter which she loved

Could this lamb leg be any larger?
Toby of course got steak with butter..MMmmm

And just incase anyone was wondering.... I tried everything on the question I asked last week. Everything was amazing. I had a croissant about every morning for breakfast, tried escargot and loved it, walked down the street eating a baguette, and ate at the most famous place in Paris for macaroons. Check mate. I conquered Paris's food scene and enjoyed every moment of it.  Even Toby got involved with taste testing.....

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