Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Outside the Kitchen: The Blue Plate Diner

So I have been wanting to go to the Blue Plate Diner for a long time now. I have heard rave reviews from locals that have had amazing meals there.When the Newport & Bristol County Convention & Visitor's Bureau asked me to write a piece on a restaurant in Newport & Bristol County area this was my first choice.I decided to go with my friend Darci after work on a Friday night.Can I just say what a breathe of fresh air it is to have a upscale diner in Middletown amongst a strip of franchised food chains. Check out their blog if you get a chance. Great local sweepstakes and events! Visit them at:  http://blog.gonewport.com/


When we parked our car in the lot outside and stood in front of the building I felt like we went back in time. I wasn't alive when diners were all the rage in the fifties and sixties, but I am pretty sure this is exactly the way they were. We were greeted by a friendly host who sat us under a rafter that playfully said: "Thou Shalt Not Worship Golden Arches." And really we shouldn't. When you have a place like this putting so much love into locally grown food made from scratch why would you ever go to another burger joint like that?

As I looked around there was quite an eclectic group of patrons. There were lots of families, and old and young couples alike. The Blue Plate Diner had such a large menu with many enticing options. First off drinks. They had so many yummy options. They had an array of milkshakes, artisan beers and fun cocktails. I was tempted to get some sort of "hard coffee milk", but we both  decided on a top shelf margarita. This was one of those margaritas that was heavy on tequila low on sour mix. Just how I like them. Top shelf indeed. They were also blue, which made them pretty to look at!
I wish I was on beach drinking this

For a starter we were stumped. We wanted the garbage fries, portabella fries and the Southwestern eggrolls, but seeing there was only two of us, we thought that was a bit excessive. We decided on Southwestern eggrolls since we already had margaritas. When these came to the table we were so excited. First of all there were six, which means we didn't have to battle for them. They  were filled with pulled chicken,black beans, corn and cilantro. They were served with a wasbi ranch dipping sauce. What a great dipping sauce! To add insult to injury the table next to us got the garbage fries, which looked amazing. I will be getting those next time for sure! Something to add if you didn't know this diner serves local produce,seafood and eggs. They hand make all of the dishes and don't use frozen pre-made food like many other establishments do.
Choosing an entree was so much harder than appetizers! There was so much to choose from. There is really something for everyone. There are burgers, sandwiches, and tons of entrees that were gourmet for sure. They had a special for a meatloaf beef wellington. What a great idea! I really wanted that, but I was pulled in by the chicken souvlaki. OMG and am I happy I chose this! The chicken was marinated in lemon and oregano and could you taste that pop of flavor! It was so light and tangy. It was in a pita with lettuce, tomato, onion and a yogurt-cucumber sauce. Might I add- the pita was one of the best I have had. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The sandwich came with a Greek salad, which was a nice departure from fries. The Greek dressing was delicious and I continuously dipped the sandwich in it because it was so good!

How good does this look?
Darci chose the chicken pot pie three days ago when I showed her the menu and she did not waiver in her decision. She wanted the pot pie. Good choice Darci. This dish was enormous and topped with a flakey and delicious piece of puff pastry. We ate for a good thirty minutes, then looked at Darci's bowl. It looked like she didn't eat any of it. The girl ate for thirty minutes striaght and didn't put a dent in this dish! It was filled with carrots, potatoes, white meat chicken and a great gravy. I was impressed. 
The Largest Chicken Pot Pie I Have ever Seen
We saved absolutely no room for dessert, but as we walked out I was bummed to see what we had missed. There was a case of home made desserts like red velvet cake ( my weakness), pies etc. Next time I will save room. 

Overall this was such a great dinner experience. The service was excellent, the food was made home made with love and I left full. Might I add- we went to the Blue Plate Diner for dinner, but I have heard multiple times their breakfasts are killer So go ahead and step back in time.

If you want to check out Blue Plate Diner's menu visit their website at : http://www.blueplatedinerri.com/index.html


  1. The pot pie looks amazing...I'm totally drooling!

  2. OMG Jessica. It was so good. ( Darci let me try it.) Made you really warm on a cold winter night.Ps.. Love your blog. Started following you on Twitter and your RSS feed!