Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms

I basically like spinach and artichoke stuffed anything, so this dish was a no brainer. I was in the mood for stuffed portabello mushrooms and I had no idea what I was going to stuff it with until I got a light bulb idea. I had some chopped artichokes from a pizza I made last night and some fresh spinach. Well that was easy. I think maybe I love the idea of spinach and artichokes because the sauce is rich and creamy. Actually this combo would be great with some pasta also. I guess kind of like the mac and cheese I made. Feel free to use frozen spinach also. Just squeeze out the water after it cooks. This is something you can put together fast so it is a perfect weeknight meal!

If you don't like spinach and artichoke you can stuff these mushrooms with anything. Bacon and cheese, veggies, or even make it into a pizza. The larger the mushroom the better. That way you can fill them enough for a meal. If they are smaller, then serve two per person.  I added some panko bread crumbs to the top of these for some textural crunch. Feel free to omit or add another topping of your choice!

 I made a basic cream sauce first (saute flour and butter then whisk in milk and let thicken) while I roasted the mushrooms in the oven on 350.

I then added the spinach and artichokes and a splash of white wine. Everything is better with wine right?
Take portabellos out of the oven and stuff with filling. Top with cheese and bread crumbs.

Turn oven to broil ( low) and melt cheese and toast bread crumbs!


  1. I LOVE artichokes but my husband isn't a fan. I think I need to make this for lunch someday soon when I can eat it all by myself. :)

  2. Maybe I can substitute sundried tomatoes for artichokes cos this recipe looks amazing :D

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  3. This is perfectly sinful (but still healthy)! This is such a creative dinner and and I love the cream sauce and cheese and roasted mushrooms. And yep, wine makes everything better! :-) Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  4. Thank you!! They were super yummy. They are versatile which is nice so you can whatever you have on hand. And Maggie..the wine made the sauce SO GOOD!

  5. Sexy mushrooms! Seriously! They really turn me on! My hunger that is... Don't be frightened.

    PS. I have something for you back at my blog. You should go check it out!

  6. lol Jeff. That may have been the best comment I have gotten...ever.