Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Honeycomb & Cheese Crostini


Can I start by saying this appetizer was such a hit!When I first went to Aquidneck Honey and visited Jeff, he gave me the idea for this appetizer. His honey was so sweet and amazing. Since he uses no pesticides, I felt alot better about using it in my menu. Now we are talking honey comb here, not straight up honey. I think serving honey comb adds such a "wow factor" to your dish. It is different and many guests may not have had it before. That always "ups the ante" for any dish. I paired this sweet honey with an Italian style cheese with nutty and caramel tones. I got the cheese from Narragansett Creamery who uses all local milk and cream with no artificial growth hormones. Hooray! If you cannot find this cheese, ask the cheese man( or woman) for a nutty cheese. Pair this with some amazing crusty bread, and you have one hell of an appetizer that is really simple to put together. The crustiness of the bread paired with the melted,nutty cheese and sweet sticky honey. It is a slice of heaven.

What you will need for this appetizer is: 
1 baguette
1 package Atwells Gold Cheese
1/2 package round honey comb


1. Cut baguette into small pieces ( as you would bread for brucshetta)
2. Also cut cheese and honey comb to fit bread
3. Spread honeycomb on bread and top with cheese
4. Put into oven on Low (Broil) or on bake at 400 degrees F

When the cheese is melted, place on a platter and serve!!


  1. Oh my gosh Leanne! This is an AMAZING appetizer! Honeycomb on bruschetta?! Gimme gimme! I think I need to move to RI...you always share these amazing food treasures and I am so jealous. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  2. This looks amazing and super tasty! I have never had honey comb but it has been on my to taste list for some time! Now I know what to do if I find any... Have a great week!

    1. It is super tasty! I love it! If you can't find it though totally use regular honey.

  3. Have to agree - amazing! I cannot wait to try this. It looks like something that would not last long on the plate if you served this to a crowd! Thank you, Allen.

  4. I saw the honeycomb and had to see what you did! I didn't realize honeycomb was spreadable. So cool. Great post!