Saturday, February 18, 2012

Outside the Kitchen: 22 Bowens

I was recently asked by the Newport & Bristol County Tourism Bureau to check out the incredible special 22 Bowen's has going on every Friday night in the blustery winter months.I had been to 22 Bowen's once before for Restaurant Week and was overjoyed with the meal we received. I was thrilled to be asked back to try out their "Dinner for Two" special running every Friday night this winter. This incredible deal includes an appetizer,entree, and dessert for two and a bottle of Beringer Stone Cellars Cabernet or Chardonnay for $65.22.Count me in. Might I add, these entrees were no run of the mill fare. There was so much to choose from, one dish better than the next. There was salmon, ribeye, sirloin,pork, lobster ravioli. I mean seriously? Customers are totally making out on this deal.

There is something about Newport in the Winter that makes me so happy. There are no tourists shuffling about and you don't have to wait for a table in an incredible restaurant. 22 Bowen's is located in historic Bowen's Wharf and could be argued the hub of downtown Newport. 22 Bowen's atmosphere was such a delight.I love how it was full of ornate wood and dim mood lighting. It is a perfect date night spot or a place to wow out of town guests, might I add. We were seated overlooking the wharf. My husband, Toby commented on how comfortable the chairs were. We could stay at this table for awhile.

Our waiter Fabio was incredible. I actually overheard the table next to us singing this man's praises. He was attentive all night and was so knowledgeable about the menu. He was an absolute delight.


Well, the food is mainly why I am writing this stellar review. Can I first talk about their rolls. You have to try these rolls. My favorite was the cranberry roll studded with warm cranberries. Spread some of their whipped butter on there and you can die happy. You don't even need dinner. I ordered the New England style clam chowder for an appetizer. Wow. This chowder was rich, creamy, and delicious. There was an abundance of tender clams and potatoes. It was delicious. I then ordered the pork with shredded potatoes and bacon and sauteed greens. Another amazing dish. The pork was tender, juicy, and flavorful.The potatoes were rich and the greens gave a nice contrast. The pork was covered in a apple cider reduction which cut the richness of the potatoes. There was so much food on this plate there was no way I could eat it all!

Toby decided on the Ceaser salad and grilled rib eye. The Ceaser salad was delicious and the steak was cooked perfectly. Again, judging by the photo, you can tell this steak was enormous. Toby's eyes lit up as it was brought to the table. This gigantic cut of meat was served with gorgonzola mashed potatoes (cue eyes rolling back into your head in delight) stuffed into a freshly made popover. Seriously? Could this dish get any better. I have to admit, I ate almost all of his mashed potatoes, while he worked on the beef because they were so good. The popover was also delicious.

We both finished our meals with the same dessert, our favorite, creme brulee. One other important note about this meal, both Toby and I commented to each other on how well paced the meal was. The staff was not trying to turn over the table, we were not being rushed. There was a perfect amount of time between courses so we had ample time to enjoy the night and get ourselves ready for the next course. what a delight.

Back to dessert. The creme brulee was the perfect creamy consistency and the sugar topping was torched to perfection. As if having the creme brulee was not enough, it was served with two cookies. I was barely able to walk out of this restaurant.

Overall, this meal was amazing and I urge all of you to make a reservation for this Friday night delight. There may not be a better deal in all of Newport. Better yet, get a few couples together and make a night of it. Have some wine, amazing food, and enjoy the company and view. You will not be disappointed.

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