Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm Back! Portland's Foodie Scene!

Hey Guys!! So sorry I have been sporadically posting lately. My last week of grad school was last week  and I had three finals in one week! I also traveled to Portland,ME for an amazing wedding of my friend's Ashley & Blake. I always love checking out foodie scenes in other states so take a look at what I found and let me know if there are any other foodie stops of note in Portland.

This delicious lobster roll was from the Portland Lobster Company, which was bustling with patrons when we got there after our lobstering adventure. That's right people. We went lobstering for a bachelorette party! It was a blast! What better way to round out our night then with a lobster roll! This lobster roll was all lobster meat with a tiny bit of mayo. Plus a buttered hot dog roll is never a bad thing in my book! Wash this down with some local Portland beer and this was an ideal meal!

The groom to be suggested Hot Suppa in Portland for Brunch on Saturday. And dear god, was this a perfect brunch spot. I wanted everything on this menu. Fried green tomato BLT, bacon and polenta bake, creamy tomato soup. I ended up with my old reliable a breakfast burrito and of course a side of macaroni and cheese. Why wouldn't you have mac and cheese for brunch? Oh, and did I mention their drinks were divine?

We found an amazing spice shop by the water called Vervacious.They had a ton of finishing salts, flavored balsamic drizzle and other amazing treats. Even the bottles are beautiful and they perfectly stack on top of each other!

Toby and I had dinner at Bonobo Wood Fire Pizza, which was amazing. Their pizza was ultra thin and was super crispy. I decided on the special pizza of the day, which was a BLT Pizza. It had local bacon sprinkled everywhere with a salad of romaine and tomatoes with a bacon vinaigrette. Bacon on pizza and bacon vinaigrette? I was in heaven. I actually ended up taking some home and ate it for the rest of the weekend. It was just as good the second day!


  1. Congrats on finishing grad school! I love Portland and I wrote a whole review of the Portland Lobster Company when we were there two summers ago. It was a Saturday and there was a live band and it was perfect. We're going again this summer!

    1. omg really! We were there on a Friday night so it was hopping when we got back from lobstering! They had an awesome band and we sat at the picnic tables on the dock and ate. It was great!

  2. Congratulations on finishing grad school! Welcome back to the blog scene, too!

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    1. 3 actually! all the others were too small!