Thursday, July 26, 2012

Married to a Food Blogger: How the Other Half Lives

Hi Everyone! I am currently in one of my last semesters of grad schools and am completely consumed with all of the finals I have this week. I thought it would be fun to get the prospective of my other half, my husband Toby and have him write a post about being married to a food blogger. Now this should be interesting....

On monday my wife and host of this marvelous blog asked me to fill in for her this week for a post.  As I debated on what to write about I realized - I'm no leanne in the kitchen! [Don't get me wrong, I can run a mean grill, but leanne has the cooking talent in this family].  So today Im going to provide a little insight into how the other half lives - husband to a food blogger.

As with most married couples our mornings begin the same way every day.  The alarm goes off and the first thing out of leanne's mouth is not 'good morning', not 'how did you sleep', not even 'shut off that damn alarm!' - It's 'what am i going to make for dinner?'  Its 6 am and she's already thinking about dinner...but she wouldn't be leanne if she said anything else! [eventually this progresses into a full-blown self conversation between leanne and her stomach]

Top 5 things I hear from my food blogger wife:
5.  Toby, where's my camera
4.  Can you move this lightbox for me.
3.  Ugh, the sink is full of dishes again!
2.  Can you hold this light for me.
1.  Toby, I still cant find my camera!
...and 1 extra for good measure: Toby, Can you retweet my blog post

Perks to living with a food blogger:

1.  Free dinners at amazing restaurants!
2.  Fresh produce always on hand
3.  Epic wing feasts during football sundays
4.  We get to host dinner parties!
5.  If I see something that looks AMAZING, Leanne will make it [hello Funfetti Pancakes!]
6.  And of course...all the amazing food!

All jokes aside, living with a food blogger is a dream...and I'm lucky enough to be living with the best one out there!


  1. What a fun post, Toby! I hope my husband feels the same way about living with me!

  2. Haha interesting take I am the food blogger in our family! Thanks for this post I enjoyed it! Glad I found ya

  3. What a sweet post! Good luck Leanne with your finals!

    1. thanks!! I'll need it. Finance is tomorrow!!

  4. As a food blogger, I can totally relate to the "Ugh, the sink is full of dishes again!"
    I really wish my passion/hobby of cooking and canning did not come with so many damn dishes!

  5. Loved this post ... it's always interesting to get the flipside of the pancake, so to speak!

  6. Haha! So true. I'm sure Brian could relate to most of this. He hears a lot of 'please change the batteries in my camera' 'please move the light box' please adjust my tripod' 'please change the batteries AGAIN' and 'no you can't eat that yet because I'm still trying to get a good shot.' He loves eating well, though! :)