Sunday, January 1, 2012

5 Genius Ideas to Help You in the Kitchen in 2012

Happy New Year everyone! I am currently still on my couch in my pajamas and bathrobe trying to recover from a crazy New Year's Eve. While I recover slowly( but surely)  on the couch I want to give you some awesome tips that I read in Rachael Ray Magazine that blew my mind!  These tips should help you be the best cook you can be in the kitchen this year!

1. Make Brownies in a Waffle Iron- Genius! I have also seen this on pinterest and I thought it was such a great idea. Do you want a rich, chocolaty taste, but only have five minutes? No problem! Just make sure not to overfill iron. A 1/2 cup should be perfect depending on which size you have. Plus, if you like the crispy edges this is perfect for you. You can even make a brownie waffle ice cream sandwich. I'm drooling.

2. Toast Nuts in a Popcorn Maker- So many recipes require you to toast nuts. Rightfully so, toasting nuts lets their essential oils and aroma come out to make your food more flavorful! If you don't feel like watching them in a pan or risk burning them in the oven then break out your popcorn maker you never use! According to Rachael, the spinning chamber heats them evenly and quickly. It should only take about two minutes for small nuts like pine nuts,walnuts and almonds. Ok, now I want to make some pesto.

3. Poach Eggs in a Muffin Tin- If you are having a crowd over for brunch or breakfast, break out your muffin tin. Once you crack the eggs into the tin put the tin in a large baking dish and pour boiling water in until the tin is halfway submerged ( like a water bath.)Bake at 350 F  until set to your liking ( 8-10 minutes.) Then lift out with a spotted spoon. Easy Peasy.

4. Bake French Fries on a Pizza Stone- Why have I not done this? We all use pizza stones to make pizza crispy and delicious. Why not use it for french fries?Instead of frying frozen or home made fries throw them on a preheated pizza stone. Preheat for 15-20 minutes then add french fries and cook to packaged directions or until they are brown. Make sure to flip half way through!

5. Bake Cookies in a Panini Press- Sometimes You just want one cookie, but heating the oven takes a long time. Let's make it easy on ourselves. Place the cookie dough on the preheated press and close lid. Cook until golden, which takes about 6 minutes. Amazing.


  1. Am I seriously the only person who still uses a popcorn popper? I guess I'm a popcorn junkie, because I go through about 1-2 poppers a year. Right now I'm using the one with the rotating metal bar — which makes it even better for roasting nuts. Great idea!

  2. 2 a year!! Wow! My husband and I usually pop popcorn in a pan on the stove. I will never go back to microwave popcorn again! Glad you liked the tip!!

  3. Great tips!! I'm going to need to bookmark this page so I don't forget!

  4. Aww great Julie! I couldn't believe I wasen't using these gadgets to their full advantage!

  5. WOAH, these ARE great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!!