Monday, January 9, 2012

Outside the Kitchen: Perro Salado

 I could not have been more excited to be spending time with our foodie soul mates Renee and Evan who accompanied us to my own personal Mexican Mecca, Perro Salado!

Winter is actually one of my favorite times to visit Newport. It is not bustling with tourists and amazing local restaurants offer great deals! Perro Salado does just that on Tuesday nights. They have a few entrees every Tuesday that are half price! Um..yes please. As Toby and I walked from the parking lots to the door I swear to you I could smell sticky pork ribs wafting in the air. Is your mouth watering yet!? So we walk in and it is really busy for a Tuesday night. Evan and Renee were already at the back bar having a drink before dinner. This is one of my favorite rooms in Perro Salado. Yes, it is small, but that is the best part. There are a few seats at the bar and a few tables for sitting. My other favorite part of this restaurant is the fire places! There is at least one in every room. They light them in the winter and it makes you feel at home.

We started off with some of Perro Salado's famous margaritas. Toby usually opts for an original but I like to take a walk on the wild side and I ordered a cucumber and jalapeno margarita! It's not as spicy as you may think - just a subtle burn in the back of your throat. Delish! While we were at the bar I remember Evan remarking that their beer selection was stellar. So you are all set with whatever you choose. They even made Renee a virgin blood orange margarita!

We were seated and our friendly waitress came over. They had some great half price specials that night but I had to order the fish tacos; they are my absolute favorite. Toby had his usual sticky pork ribs. We have probably been to this restaurant fifty times and he has gotten the same thing every time,  they are just that good.  He loves them so much I  thought about getting them as a groom gift for him to be delivered to Belle Mer for our wedding in September (best wife ever!)

We started off with the chips and guacamole which was really the largest bowl of guacamole ever with a mound of chips piled on top. There were also tostones ( fried plantains) which are delicious with heap of guacamole on top!

Then dinner came (as I did a happy dance). The fish tacos were set in front of me and I could not wait to devour them! I usually prefer fish tacos grilled, but it is something about the frying on these that make them light and airy. Tempura batter maybe? Yum.  Next time I need to remember to ask their secret.  My favorite part of the fish tacos are the pickled onions. It comes as a condiment for many dishes there. How have I never had these before coming here?  They completely make this dish.

Now let's talk about what Perro Salado is famous for- Sticky Pork Ribs.These are the best ribs I have ever had in my life. They are like a cross between Chinese sticky ribs and Southern style  BBQ ribs. They instantly fall off the bone and melt in your mouth. The crunchy,charred outside ads so much flavor. And of course paired with the pickled onions you cannot go wrong.

This was the first time I have ever got desert at Perro Salado. Wow, have I been missing out.We got sopapilla (fried, puffy tortillas) that were drizzled with  spicy chocolate and honey. It was a perfect end to a perfect evening! Big thanks to Renee and Evan for coming with us. We ended up talking food all night! (suprise - my favorite topic)


  1. OMG Kelly- This is like the best Mexican restaurant in RI. It is so amazing. I am still thinking about it. ;)

  2. You've convinced us! Perro Salado is on our list of places to check out in Newport. And when we do, we'll definitely try the ribs.

  3. lol! You will not be disappointed Erika!