Monday, January 23, 2012

Lemon-Lime Funfetti Cupcakes

So for my sister Kellie's birthday I told her Toby and I would babysit my niece and nephew ( Teresa & Anthony.) I read online that you can make these  soda( or diet soda) cupcakes. This also works out when you have no oil or eggs at your house. Just a disclaimer... I did used boxed cupcake mix. Sometimes, it is easy and it works.Whatever, We all do it sometimes. My niece Teresa loves to bake so I thought this was a perfect activity for us to do. This could not be any easier and might I add, lower in fat than regular cupcakes. When I made these before I used lemon cake mix and diet 7-up. Delicious lemon lime combination. I topped it with some fat free cool whip and a raspberry and that made one lean, mean, low-fat cupcake. Some other yummy cupcake combos are chocolate cake and cola, carrot cake and ginger ale or yellow cake with orange soda. The possibilities are endless!

Anyway, back to our cupcake making. We added sprinkles to the batter to make them "funfetti" cupcakes and it makes them so pretty! The kids and Toby would not believe that these cupcakes would even rise, but I proved them wrong! We made a few different colors with the frosting and of course used sprinkles. This was a blast and we had such a great time! And the best part may have been eating these babies. They taste exactly like regular cupcakes and you don't have to feel as guilty about eating one...or two.

Soda Cupcakes
Number of Servings: 12

12 oz of soda ( 1 can) We used 7-Up.
1 box cake mix

Put cake mix in a bowl. Add 12 oz of soda. Mix. Wow. That was easy.


  1. What a gorgeous combination of flavours - take my favourite drink with sprinkles with cupcakes = a very happy monster me :D

    Choc Chip Uru
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  2. I totally agree. It incorporates everything I like!

  3. Funfetti always has a way of bringing a smile to anyone's face. Also the fact that these are lemon lime brings a smile to my face!I like that this is low fat too. Way too many bonuses here not to try them-yum!

  4. How cute! I love diet soda cake - every time I'm amazed at the results!