Monday, January 2, 2012

A Healthy Start to Your New Year: Egg & Veggie Tostadas

Attention Readers: I have officially left my couch. Hurray! I went to spin and after working up a sweat I figured I should eat healthy too. I notice when I work out more I make better eating decisions, which is never a bad thing. I usually eat fairly healthy, but this week since lots of people are making resolutions to eat healthier I am planning on writing a weeks worth of healthy recipes! I had a few in my repertoire, and I have found some really good ones to try.So check in this week and see what healthy recipes I am cooking up!

So for today for breakfast I made the most amazing egg and veggie tostadas. These are really easy and you can make them with whatever you have on hand. I had fresh spinach, mushrooms, fat free refried beans and corn tortillas. Yum. So I timed the cooking process and it took about twenty minutes from start to finish. And that included chopping the veggies. If you chop them the night before then you can save even more time!

So first chop and saute any vegetables you are putting in the scramble. The eggs cook so fast you want to saute the vegetables ahead of time. After the spinach was wilted and the mushrooms were soft I took them out of the pan and added the egg. I prefer scrambled eggs, but if you like eggs another way feel free to make that to your preference. While the egg was cooking, I broiled the corn tortilla until crispy( about 3 minutes.) 

I heated up the fat free refried beans in the microwave and then spread them on the tortilla. Next add the scramble mixture with vegetables. I added siracha, which I love and you are done. You have a healthy breakfast that you can make in twenty minutes. This was under 300 calories and has a ton a fiber and protein so you will be burning calories throughout the day!


  1. What a great dish, this sounds amazing! Happy New Year! xoxo

  2. Thanks Kelly! It was really yummy! Happy New Year!! :)