Monday, April 9, 2012

Vodka Spiked Gummy Bears

You read it right people! Vodka infused gummy bears! Toby and I threw a "Spartacus Party" this weekend where our other Spartacus groupie friends came over and we watched the season finale. Any Spartacus fans out there? Seeing that almost no one in the world has Starz as a movie channel we may be the only fans of the show out there. Either way, Toby decided that he wanted to make vodka spiked gummy bears. I was so intrigued, how could I say no?

There is not really any rhyme or reason to this recipe. All of the recipes we found had no exact measurements. You basically get a bunch of gummy bears and pour vodka on them. Easy Peasy. These are perfect for parties and are a hell of alot easier than making jello shots. If you don't like vodka you can use rum or any other even flavored vodka! Maybe whip cream vodka! That would be nice!If you are going to make these, make them ahead of time ( like a few hours, or even more like a day or two.) These little suckers get so much bigger once they absorb all of the vodka. You can even put them in drinks for people. What a great treat after you have a drink right? Since there is no formal recipe these are my directions.

Gummy Bears ( as many as you want to make)
Vodka or your liquor of choice

1.Take gummies out of package and put in large bowl
2.Submerge the gummies in vodka until in reaches the top of the them
3.Let sit for a few hours to a day
4. Eat& Enjoy!


  1. I'm coming to your house! I'll bring the margarita jello shots I have been wanting to make.

  2. vodka spiked candy? I can definitely get on board with this. what a great idea!!

  3. loveeeee your blog![also, we watch spartacus too, so you're not the only ones!]

    1. Aww Thanks Jill!!! Did you see the season finale?? Wasn't it ridiculous?!?!?!?!