Friday, April 6, 2012

Goat Cheese & Potato Pizza

I am going to dub this pizza the carb-o-licious pizza. Not only are you eating a carbohydrate filled crust, you get to eat potatoes on top also! Hooray! I decided to add extra deliciousness to the pizza by adding goat cheese. I grew up eating a similar recipe of potato pizza that my mom would make. I love white pizza. Sometimes you just don't need sauce!

Do yourself a favor and spend $5 on a mandolin that can slice these potatoes paper thin. It will allow them to cook faster and it won't overwhelm the dough. I bought my dough at a bakery, but feel free to make your own or buy refrigerated dough. Whatever floats your boat. I baked the potato slices quickly at 350F for about five minutes. If you slice them thicker you may want to boil them or bake them first. If they are thick and raw you will have one gross pizza on your hands. I used both sweet and white potatoes for presentation, but feel free to use whatever you like. Ohhhh how about purple potatoes!!

Feel free to add mozzarella cheese to the top of this. It is not in the recipe I followed on Epicurius, but  I think it would be nice. I added a hand full of mozzarella and parmasean because I had it on hand, and hey a little cheese never hurt anyone. I also added a sprinkle of truffle salt on top. It was amazing.


One recipe for bread dough:
  • 3/4 cup lukewarm water
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons dry yeast
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 2 1/2 cups flour
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
For the topping:
  • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, green germ removed, thinly sliced
  • 3 medium, waxy potatoes (about 14 ounces), peeled, cooked, and thinly sliced into rounds
  • 1/2 goat cheese
  • 1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves and basil leaves
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

1. Make the dough and let it rise until double in bulk, about 1 hour. Dust a baking sheet with semolina flour. Roll out the dough to an 18 x 12 inch rectangle, and fit it onto the baking sheet. Let the dough rise for 20 minutes.( or buy it of course)

2. Preheat the oven to 425°F. 

. Brush the dough with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil, then sprinkle it with the garlic slices.Bake for 5-7 minutes then spread goat cheese all over pizza. Then cover it with the potato slices, then drizzle those with the remaining olive oil. Sprinkle it with the fresh thyme leaves, crushing them as you sprinkle, and season it liberally with pepper, and lightly with salt.( I added red onion)

4. Bake in the center of the oven until the dough is golden at the edges and the cheese is bubbling gently, about 35 minutes. Remove, let sit for 5 minutes, then cut and serve. 


  1. Leanne, this looks delicious and reminds me of an absolutely outrageous pizza we had in Italy. It was potato and caramelized onion. we've been swearing we would make it at home but haven't yet. Maybe your post will be the inspiration!

    For another fun and delicious pizza, try making it on the grill.

  2. I think that goat cheese needs to be used more often. I love how your dough turned out, a perfect crust! And very artsy with the basil leaves! I think your blog gets better every time I visit! I'm extremely envious!

    1. Awww Thanks Jeff! You always leave me the nicest comments!!

  3. If i could I was eat goat cheese with every meal :) I swear it makes everything taste a million times better! Your pizza looks soooo delicious! I love the cheese and potato combo! yumm!

    1. omg me too. I love it. It adds so much flavor to basically anything!!