Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Foodies Everywhere!

I am super excited to introduce myself to all of the people out there who LOVE food as much as I do. Many people have told me I talk about food day and night- what I am cooking and eating and where I am dining (no food subject is safe). I love new food experiences and trying new things. I have even started photographing food I have eaten while traveling. Hey you never know when you may want to look at the picture you took of that killer cupcake in London that you devoured in 30 seconds (it really was amazing.)

Food is my passion and what I truly love doing. I want this blog to be about amazing recipes that everyone can make and delicious dishes I have tried at local eateries and from my travels. I especially want to thank my friends and amazing husband for supporting my love for food and encouraging me to start this blog. This is the start of something really great. Let's get cooking!!

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  1. Happy to help with this new venture.... anytime you need a taste tester let me know ;)