Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving- Appetizer Time Asparagus Crostini

Well, this was another almost thanksgiving disaster.

I was planning on making prosciutto wrapped asparagus. I boiled the asparagus and then shocked it in ice cold water to stop the cooking. Maybe I shouldn't have done that because they were a floppy mess after that. I almost threw them out, but I was the only person making appetizers for 16 people! Crap. Ok its improvise time. I cut the asparagus so it is just the spears. Thank God my step mom had bread I could use as crostini. We had some store bought pesto in the house so I toasted the crostini and spread with the store bought pesto. I then layered the prosciutto ( do not cheap out here people- buy really good prosciutto- preferable prosciutto de Parma.They know what's up there.) We had some parmesan curls there also so I added those. They looked pretty. I would say it was a success. There is no recipe here, but it is pretty simple. Toast bread.Spread on store bought pesto.add cooked asparagus spear. Add cheese. Yo can add anything here. Fig and goat cheese may be my favorite go to crostini. Be creative!

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