Thursday, November 17, 2011

Outside the Kitchen: Nick's on Broadway...again

Since I have not stopped talking about Nick’s on Broadway since I went a few weeks ago Darci, Jen and I decided to have an after work outing there so they could experience it for the first time. It was another rainy day in Rhode Island, but we didn’t care. We were determined to make it to the restaurant and eat an amazing meal.

We sat at the bar (at my suggestion) and it is best decision you could make when going here. If you are a foodie like us you really appreciate watching the chefs putting together dishes and putting a lot of thought into plating etc. Jen and I actually watched them go through several mint springs before picking the perfect one to plate. Seriously? That kind of detail makes me so happy.

So again I was tempted by the tasting menu, but since Darci and Jen had never been there we decided to order off of the menu (seasonal of course) and then do the tasting menu next time. Our waitress could not have been any more amazing. If you ever go in there to eat – do yourself a favor and request Chrissy. She is amazing to say the least. She took care of us from start to finish. We started off with a bottle of Faithful Hound as I did when I went there with Katilin. Hey the wine is amazing and we loved it. With our wine we were served an amuse of pumpkin bread with Neufchâtel cheese spread (which had something in it that was amazing that I cannot pinpoint.) Great first bite.
Amuse Bouche

I raved about the last cheese plate we had so much at work we had to get one. Once again- amazing. There were a few different cheeses than I tried last time so it was a nice change. Some amazing condiments, but added were some toasted hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds and pistachios. Holy crap. They were amazing. The cheeses were all amazing, but the blue cheese and taleggio stood out to me. I believe I can quote Darci in saying,” This blue cheese is life changing.” It was. You can totally tell the difference between really good, expensive cheese and crappy blue cheese crumbles. I am a cheap cheese person no more. One other highlight I must rave about was the cranberries on the cheese plate. By far one of my favorite parts. I asked our waitress about them and she said they were pickled or something. Whatever they did to them I was in heaven.
Look at those cranberries!

Before our main courses we were already out of wine and were thinking about another bottle. Chrissy suggested not going with liquor because of the kind of wine we had just had. Note: after you have a wine that is a blend- liquor is a no go. Who knew? Well, she did and we were more than happy to listen to her suggestions. Chrissy suggested a lighted red and she offered us a wine from Lebanon ( huh?.) That’s right, a wine from Lebanon. She also told us the birth place of wine is…… not France, not Italy, but drum roll please…. Lebanon. Interesting. So we figured let’s try it. We had never had Lebanese wine. So we did and boy was I happy. It was one of the most complex, amazing wines I have ever had and the girls agreed. I was all ready to get this in my local wine store, but Chrissy explained they choose a lot of wines there are not available at liquor stores( bummer.) She suggested looking online. And I will search far and wide for this wine. She also explained how reasonably priced wines are at Nick’s. They want wines to be accessible to the masses and I am happy to try new wines so it is perfect Do yourself a favor and try this wine ok?

 After the cheese plate the three of us shared a appetizer special that all of us wanted immediately. It was a capellini pasta with some sort of squash cream sauce and local cheese on top and toasted breadcrumbs. This dish was so good. Super light and you could taste the many layers of flavor. So happy we got it.

We also shared a main entrée of yellow tail founder over rye seeds ( yeah what?) and wilted greens in a light cream sauce. We had no idea what rye seeds were ( yes they probably are used to make rye bread) ,but we had never had them in a dish like this. I would compare it to faro if you have ever had that. The made the dish. The fish was cooked perfectly and was very light.
Rye Seeds! My new favorite thing!

The pumpkin risotto may have been a fan favorite. This side dish was so flavorful and made you so warm inside. We all probably  could have had our own bowls of it and been very happy just eating that. It was topped with parmesan and was amazing.

Everyone's favorite!

We finished the meal ( again I saved no room for dessert) with a chocolate-peanut butter truffle. Yum. What a perfect end to one of the best meals ever.
Chocolate+ Peanut Butter... Need I say more??
So if this review and the last did not convince you to go to Nick's I don't know what will.The staff is so knowledgeable and are more into you having an amazing dining experience than you are. You will not be disappointed. If you go let me know how it went!

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