Saturday, November 5, 2011

Outside the Kitchen: Spark

Toby & I started Friday night date night when we got married and so far it has been such a blast. We switch off every Friday with who plans the date. We keep it a secret until we get to the place which always keeps it exciting! So if you don't know it is Newport Restaurant Week November 4th to the 13th. I planned last night's date and decided to try out Spark. I have heard rave reviews( thanks Darci) and figured it would be a great time to check it out. During restaurant week you get a three course meal for $30 per person. This makes it a great time to check out restaurants you have never been to or more expensive ones you usually don't go to ( 22 Bowens anyone??)


Spark was actually smaller than I imagined, but we were able to be seated right away in a great table that overlooked the whole dining room( prime people watching table.) Our waiter was really friendly and attentive.


Just an FYI- Spark is BYOB so make sure to come prepared with your favorite bottle of wine or some beer. The people at the table next to us actually brought a shaker full of martinis from their house. Nice guys. We decided on a great Argentinian Malbec. Maybe the best Malbec I have had in awhile. Anyway I had a recommendation from Darci to have the Thai shrimp nachos and I really wanted them, but the butternut squash and goat cheese egg rolls caught my eye. They were served with a maple pepper relish dipping sauce. It was delicious. The egg rolls were creamy and the butternut squash was delicious. Toby decided on the roasted beet salad with dressing on the side( he hates salad dressing.) So I probably ended up eating more of this than he did because it was great. The goat cheese and beets were a classic combination that tickled the taste buds.

My egg rolls- I almost wish there were three

Roasted Beet Salad

For main course I chose was the wild mushroom pasta with sundried tomatoes,broccoli rabe and Parmesan cheese. This was a great dish. It was not heavy at all and had great flavor. The pasta soaked up alot of the sauce and tasted delicious. Toby decided on the filet of beef. It was served with a potato cake and sauteed spinach. The beef was cooked perfectly and was also great ( of course because I ate some.)

Wild Mushroom Pasta

Filet of Beef

For dessert, Toby had the creme brule and I decided on the orange scented coconut cake ( i know my mouth is watering.)The creme brule was a little thick,but had great flavor. You could see the specks of vanilla bean running through it. My coconut cake was super moist and light. The frosting had a dusting of coconut flakes and it gave it  great texture. 
Creme Brule

Orange Scented Coconut Cake

Overall it was a great first experience at Spark. I have added the link to Newport Restaurant Week website and Spark's Website. 

Newport Restaurant Week Website:

Spark's Website:

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