Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Life As of Late

I think this collage says it all! Buying a house is no joke people! I have been up to my ears in paint samples,fabric,lights and furniture. This is no easy task! 

There is NO WAY I could ever be an interior designer. Moving from a condo to a four bedroom is super exciting,but man am I stressed out! With all of this stress I haven't had time to blog this week. Will you guys forgive me if I concentrate on my new house this week and come back next week with some awesome recipes?? I am going to take your silence as a ," Yes Leanne! Take care of your house. We know you aren't cooking anyway." So Thanks! :)

That being said, anyone have any good moving, design or new home tips? My husband and I could use them!


  1. AH! We are right there with ya! Husband, baby and I are moving from a one bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom house (in the process of being built right now). Holy chihuahua! SO MANY decisions! Some of the interior decorating we're holding off on until we move in, so we can take our time and get a feel for what we really want. That and there's no way my brain could process decorating a whole house at once ;) That's why my blog has been a bit neglected lately too... :) Good luck and have fun with your move!!

    1. OMG so funny! I feel so much better after reading this! It is so time consuming. I don't even get home until 8pm every day because I am buying paint, or trying it on walls, or buying furniture. Ugh. I wish I was enjoying the process. :)

  2. Congratulations on your new digs! I've been following a new-to-me RI blogger called "Rhody Life," who moved into her own new place last year, and has been blogging about how she's adjusting, decorating, DIY'ing, etc. You might find it helpful: http://www.rhodylife.com/


  3. We've moved a LOT over the years. One thing that really helps get into a new place is to start a notebook. We usually use a 5x7 spiral but a small loose leaf will do as well. Make a section for every room. Write down the room measurements, window sizes, glue in paint colors, fabric swatches, and photos if you like. Make sure you write down model numbers and prices of things you like along with the stores where you can find the items. Take it with you when you shop - it keeps you more organized. Good luck with the move!