Friday, May 18, 2012

Newport Cooks: Gourmet in the Galley

Ever wanted to learn how to cook in the confines of a boat?Don't own a boat? No problem!You don't have to own a boat to be blown away by the amazing cooking class at Newport Cooks: Gourmet in the Galley Series.Anyone that wants to learn how to cook an amazing meal will love it in this judgement free zone!

 There are different classes scheduled each week so you can choose some or all that you are interested in.They have classes like breakfast and brunch, Asian fusion, and eggs. I sat in on the fish and shellfish class, which was spectacular. This class was taught by Private Chef Christy Erickson-Prior and she was such a great teacher.

 For this class we made: Salt crusted bass( I know, impressive), bread salad, and Thai mussels. Quite a feast for a class of six. That's another thing. Since the classes are so small, students are able to get hands on experience. I for one, got to cut the fins off of the bass and learned how to do it. I mean really, how many home cooks know how to fillet a whole fish? This is a great chance to learn!

The other part I loved about this class was the camaraderie between the students. We were all constantly encouraging each other to try the techniques we were learning. There were cooks of all different levels so don't be afraid if you don't cook at all. 
This was such an enjoyable night and for such a reasonable price. For $55 you get to learn in the two hour hands on class, eat some snacks, drink wine and learn to make amazing and delicious dishes that you can make for your family at home( not to mention go home with the recipes). How cool is that? To get more information like class dates and contact information visit Newport Cooks! Cooking School's  website.

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