Monday, May 28, 2012

Holy Cow! Providence Ranked Best Burger City

Who would have thought that little ole Providence, Rhode Island would be voted the best burger city in Providence, Rhode Island!According to travel and leisure, Providence also  ranked No. 2 for overall dining, as well as No. 2 for pizza and No. 5 for high-end cuisine. Why do you guys think I have a food blog? I am surrounded by awesome food here every day!

One of my favorite burger spots listed in the article is Harry's Bar & Burger, which has a boat load of amazing mini burgers ( served with two or three per order) and have toppings like truffled mushrooms, onion strings and potato sticks for some crunch!Harry’s also has 50 beer options—proof of the city’s high rankings for microbrews.Did I mention this place is cheap? You could get a burger there for $5! That's a steal. Did I mention their hard shakes are divine? Who wouldn't want alcohol in a milk shake? I also like the simplicity of this place. No plates, no silverware, but a basket of burgers and fries. Here are some pics from my last trip to Harry's.

Might I add, I am equally in love with Luxe Burger Bar, Harry's sister restaurant. You can build your own burger with pretty much whatever you want and they have gorgonzola tater tots. I said it. Gorgonzola tots. Now, this isn't tater tots with melted gorgonzola cheese on top. They are dried balls of mashed potatoes filled with gorgonzola cheese. Delicious.

So anyway, Come to Providence.. have a burger or two. You can also try some amazing restaurants. And check out the Travel and Leisure Article and see how your city fared against the city in the smallest state in the country!

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