Saturday, March 10, 2012

Outside the Kitchen: Bacaro

I have been hearing rave reviews about Bacaro in Providence,RI for months now. Kaitlin, if you are reading this. I know, you told me it was amazing forever ago. My friend Katie and I decided to go to dinner there last Friday night and might I add, I will be going there many times after this.


I was not sure how crowded the restaurant would be on a Friday night, so I made a reservation just in case. We arrived promptly at seven and we were quickly ushered to the second floor of the restaurant. The restaurant sits right on the river, which is beautiful. The restaurant is much bigger than I expected. We sat right next to the kitchen, which of course I was excited about.

I was super excited when I heard Bacaro has an Italian style tapas menu. It also includes options from there sulumeria where you can make your own meat and cheese board or order that highlights classic cured meats from both Southern and Northern Italy. We decided on some hot tapas simply because they seemed so amazing. I want to go back just to have a ton of small plates. The only thing I wished is that the plates were a bit less expensive. Seven dollars for one slice of eggplant seems kind of insane, but honestly it was really good so I didn't mind paying. I enjoyed all of them immensely, but the fried burrata was my favorite. It at first glance looks like a mozzarella ball, but it is filled with creamy cheese. The tapas we sampled were:
Fried Potato Balls with a fonduta

Fried Burrata

Eggplant Parmesan
 For dinner, I knew I wanted pasta. Might I add, we did not order any pizza, but the table next to us got some and it looked delicious. It was thin crust and grilled to perfection. I want some on my next trip for sure. The tagliatelle I had was home made and amazing. It was complimented by wild mushrooms and a truffle scented egg. A truffle scented egg? Are they serious? This egg was the most amazing thing I have ever tasted. As I cut through the egg, the yolk ran over my tagliatelle and it made a creamy sauce.

Katie had the orechiette with sausage and sauteed brussels sprouts. This dish can easily be super heavy, but it was complimented by lemon zest, which made it light.

Dessert was by far my favorite part! You actually have to order dessert with your meal. Why? Because the bake everything to order. Seriously? Automatically I am impressed. There were many things I wanted, but I am thrilled what I decided on. I now have a new obsession: Affogato. Affogato or Affogato al cafe (drowned in coffee) is an Italian espresso dessert that consists of amazing vanilla ice cream that you pour freshly brewed espresso on top. Bacaro makes their own ice cream so being the good food blogger that I am, I had to try it. I am in love. The ice cream was super rich and studded with vanilla bean. The espresso added a deep flavor that I loved. After awhile it tasted like coffee ice cream, which I love.I could literally have this every night.

Overall, this was such an amazing experience. Yes, it was fairly expensive, but when Applebee's can charge $15 for a steak then I would gladly spend this much money on amazing food. Go to Bacaro as soon as you can. Maybe I will see you there!

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  1. We really enjoy Bacaro, especially because of the tapas menu. Sometimes we just keep on ordering from that! Next time try the time call me!