Monday, March 26, 2012

Ode to Truffle Salt

Flecks of black truffle=Goodness

I got a great idea from Andrea at Quest for Delish that I should do a post about the most simple and amazing dish I made this week that I was so enamored with I tweeted it and put it on Facebook .It is funny that sometimes the easiest, most simple dishes are the ones we like the best.

This amazing dish started off with garlic fettuccine that we got from Papardelle's in Pike Place Market in Seattle, Wa. I already raved about this place so I obviously could not wait to get home and make the pasta. I had a particularly hard day at work and for some reason when that happens, my go to meal is always pasta. Cue in garlic fettuccine.

The next bit of amazingness  came in with this delicious olive oil I got at Whole Foods for the olive oil ice cream I made for my All Local Dinner. It was fruity and delicious. I like olive oil that has bold flavor and that you can actually taste the tang of the olives. Yum.

The best part of this dish was the truffle salt we got from Seattle. This is about one thousand times better than truffle oil. This is salt that is studded with flecks of black truffle. The minute you open the jar, the pungent fragrance of truffles hits you like a ton of bricks. I sprinkled the pasta with some truffle salt when it was al dente and tossed it in olive oil and aged Parmesan.I have already been panicking about the four ounce bottle I bought to not last me until I have a chance to get more.

Totally simple, totally amazing. I am not even ashamed to tell you all that after I finished the first bowl of amazingness I exclaimed that this dish was so good I reboiled the pasta and made another bowl. That was exactly what I needed to make my day complete. I didn't even plan on blogging about it so I had no fancy dishes, camera angles or lighting. You get it though. It was amazing.

What kind of foods blow your mind?


  1. Ah, pasta...the ultimate comfort food! That is always my go-to after a bad day too. What a perfect and simple meal! I am really intrigued by this truffle salt now, I may have to scout out some on-line sources for that because it looks so darn good! Hope your week is off to a better start!

  2. Thanks for mentioning me. I just love your blog and am dying to get to Seattle so I can get some of this truffle salt. I was at the same place last summer and my sister bought some wonderful vinegar. I got some pickles and now I wish I got the pasta. I will have to write this down on my to do list for this summer.

  3. Love, love, love Pike Place. Also love truffle salt. I use a little with panko on top of mac & cheese. Heaven!

  4. Love Love Love truffle salt and yes its so much better then the oil. A little goes a long long way. I bought a small jar from QFC well over a year ago and still have some left. Since I live in Seattle, I'm not sure where you would get it from elsewhere, since QFC is local to the Northwest. Love the idea of the garlic pasta and parmesan..will def have to give this a try soon!