Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ladies, Get your Men in the Kitchen!

My Amazing Hubby Making Fresh Pasta with Me

I love a man that can cook. There is something completely sexy about coming home and seeing your loved one making dinner for you. That, and you don't have to cook. Since we started dating, my husband has made me lavish breakfasts, and delectable dinners. I have to confess, I freakin love it. Cooking for a loved one shows you care and definitely wins you brownie points with the opposite sex.  

Men, listen up! You can completely win over a girl by cooking for her. Don't know how? Watch the Food Network for God's sake! You would be surprised how much you can learn from TV or magazines. Even if that doesn't work out, just make the attempt. If it turns out badly, you can always order pizza. It's the thought that counts. 

As much as I want to help your love lives, I am also bringing all of this up so you can win a contest! Buitoni is having a contest to see just how good your guy can cook. Now through November 4, girls and their guys can enter the “Girls Like Guys Who Can Cook” Contest at for a chance to win $10,000 and a year’s supply of Buitoni pastas and sauces. To enter, fans must visit the contest entry page and upload a video showcasing a guy’s ability to turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one with Buitoni pastas and sauces (see Official Rules at the Contest page for full entry requirements). After the entry period has concluded, fans can come back to Facebook to vote for their favorite videos.

Need another reason to cook? Look at the stats Buitoni collected from a survey: 

  • Women describe men who can cook as thoughtful (71%), sweet (48%), confident (44%), attractive (31%), sexy (27%) and successful (20%). Wow!

  • Sixty-one percent of women said they want their guy to cook for them more often, and 15 percent said their guy never cooks for them. C’mon guys!

  • Just over 45 percent of women surveyed said they are most impressed that their guy is just trying to cook for them!

  • Ciao bello! Nearly 45 percent of women surveyed think a guy is sexiest when cooking Italian.
If that isn't a reason to cook for your woman I don't know what is! So get a camera recording and win this contest! 


  1. Hmm... Maybe I SHOULD start blogging again...

    1. This was your wake up call to get back in the kitchen!!!