Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Southern Style" Sweet Tea Lemonade

Oh hello my new favorite drink.This drink is a complete game changer for those ( like myself) who LOVE having parties at their homes. It is so easy to put together and it is such a hit! I am a sucker for sweet tea vodka. Anyone ever try it? It is literally vodka that just happens to taste exactly like iced tea. Yeah... I know.. it's dangerous. This drink combines this golden elixer with lemonade ( yup I know it's been done) and then topped off with fresh mint and Southern Comfort. That's right. Pop this mixture in a mason jar and you will be singing sweet home Alabama in no time.

 My husband and I first had a similar cocktail in Washington DC while we were celebrating our anniversary. He had one sip of this drink and proclaimed it was his new favorite drink and we needed to recreate the minute we got home. Cut to two weeks later when we were hosting our friends at our House Warming Party. We knew what had to be done. This magic concoction was on the menu. I have been busting a gut to use this amazing drink dispenser my sister gave me when I moved into our home so this drink already started off on the right foot.It looks like a huge Mason Jar. Score.  The results? The drink was much more popular than I imagined! We had to remake the drink in the dispenser four times throughout the day using up 3 bottes of sweet tea vodka, 1 bottle of Southern Comfort and 3 cartons of lemonade. Was that my friends having a good time or the drink? One will never know. All I know is that it was absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to make it again! Enjoy!

"Southern Style" Sweet Tea Lemonade

1 part Southern Comfort
2 parts sweet tea vodka ( I used firefly)
4 parts lemonade( I used Trader Joe's)
Handful of fresh mint for the dispenser and a few sprigs for garnish
2 lemons ( cut in rings )


1.In a large dispencer mix all Southern Comfort through lemonade.

2. Add fresh mint and lemon. to dispencer. Stir with a long spoon.

3. Pour into glasses and serve with a lemon wedge and sprig of mint.

4. Enjoy ( Responsibly!)


  1. Is this a sweet drink and can you taste the liquor in it?

  2. It is pretty Sweet. The sweet tea vodka doesn't actually taste too much like alcohol. You can always add more lemonade too to make it more sweet!