Friday, December 21, 2012

Guest Post: Eating Great and Saving Money When Traveling

I am very happy to introduce you to Gracie, our guest blogger from across the pond in the UK! Gracie writes about home improvements, travel, health & beauty and technology. Since it is the holiday season, many of us will be traveling nationally and abroad. What better article to have than this one! Planning in advance snacks to bring or not falling into tourist traps are the best things to do when traveling in a place that is unfamiliar to you. Check out Gracie's top tips for saving money and eating great when traveling.

Tip 1:Search for the best accommodation package. While researching accommodations, focus on the hotels that offer package deals. For example, some hotels provide free breakfast, buffets when booked in advance or as part of a package deal.

 Tip 2: Before you arrange holiday essentials, make sure to pack your family's favorite snacks! Snacks add up when buying for a family. You can have each member select different types of non-perishable food items to pack such as chocolates, fruits sweets, nuts, dried fruits, seeds etc. Make sure to pack them in an airtight container. 

Tip 3: Research your destinationon travel sites and ask locals! They always know the best places to eat that don't carry tourist price tags! Websites like Lonly Plant, Yelp, and Urbanspoon are examples. 

Tip 4:  Before you select any restaurant, check for the prices on menu ( usually posted outside) and decide whether you can fund them within your budget.If you find a really expensive restaurant that is not within your budget for dinner try going for lunch or just ordering drinks and appetizers.  
Tip 5: Shop wisely! You can shop around supermarkets, farmer's markets or your local stores to find a cheap lunch or breakfast.Picnic style lunches are the best especially when the sun is out.

Tip 6: Set a food budget and stick with it! Let family members know they have a specific dollar value to spend and it makes the bill less of a surprise. 

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