Sunday, November 18, 2012

Outside the Kitchen: Temple Downtown

I am always excited to try restaurants I have never been to before. What excites me even more is when they serve amazingly delicious food! My husband and I went to Temple Downtown located in the heart of downtown Providence, Rhode Island this past Friday. We don't mean to brag, but Providence was voted the best foodie city for food/drinks/restaurants by Travel & Leisure Magazine. Temple certainly helped with this title.

Temple is located in the Renaissance Hotel and if you dine in the restaurant you get to valet your car at the hotel for free since parking downtown is limited.The scene in Temple is ultra sexy and cool. The lighting is low, the booths are private and the bar was full. We were seated in our own private booth and as we scanned he menu I couldn't help but think what a great date spot this restaurant is.

We started off with some small plates to share. I quickly decided on pumpkin bisque because it embodies Fall. That may have been my best decision of the night. This soup was so smooth, so velvety and when topped with pancetta cracklings and crispy sage it becomes a masterpiece. My husband ordered the arancini, which were classicly prepared with creamy mozzarella and peas in the middle. Their crunchy exterior perfectly complimented the creamy center . They were served in a light tomato sauce which I found myself lapping up with bread once the risotto balls were long gone. We also split a Greek salad, which was different from the run of the mill Greek salads I have ever had. This salad was served with a piece of spanakopita( phylo dough envelope of goodness filled with spinach and cheese.) The salad was so bright and flavorful from the oregano vinaigrette it was a perfect bite before our heavier entrees.

Honestly, at this point I was stuffed, but how could I not be excited for braised short ribs? That's right, it didn't matter that I was full. I ate it all. The short ribs melted in my mouth and the potato-parsnip mash was a great edition. Not to mention the sweet roasted carrots. They were divine.It was that stick to your ribs kind of meal that is perfect on a chilly  night. My husband ordered the steak frites, which was cooked perfectly and was incredibly tender. Might I add the frites were amazing.They were crunchy and seasoned perfectly.

For dessert we went with our favorite desert, tiramisu. Temple serves this classic dessert in a martini glass. Score for me, who loves the espresso soaked lady fingers. Because it is in a glass, alot of espresso finds its way to the bottom of the glass and mixes with the lady fingers. Delicious! 

Temple has just introduced its Fall menu so if you haven't been there yet, what are you waiting for? Might I add, if you need a happening place even to grab some drinks with friends, this is your place! Maybe you will see me there because I have no idea how long I can wait until I need to have that pumpkin bisque again!


  1. we've been to Temple a couple of times now and really enjoy it. Glad you had a good experience, too. Now we have to go back to try the short ribs.

  2. It was really delicious! I cannot wait to go back. Glad you enjoyed it there!