Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday Special: Gifts for Foodies!

So because I love receiving foodie presents so much for Christmas I thought I would share with you some of my favorites( and where to buy them) in case you need to buy presents for the foodie in your life or like me if you want to buy a nice gift for yourself!

The following are my top gifts for foodies! Hey, you might even get a good deal on them since it is Cyber Monday!

1. For the Foodie with a Travel Bug
Lonely Planet:Food Lover's Guide to the World

This book is a perfect gift for foodies that love to travel. Lonely Planet is known for having amazing travel books so rest assured this book will be the best! I love to travel and sample cuisines from other countries so when I saw this book I could not wait to purchase it! It is the perfect coffee table travel book. You can even pick out what foodie adventures you want to go on next. Does it get any better?

2. For a Foodie with Style

Personalized Kitchen Towels

I actually really like this site for personalized foodie gifts. I love kitchen towels and when I can decide what to put on them and what color they are I like them even more! There are a ton of different themes and possibilities!

3. For the Practical Foodie
Personalized Cutting Boards

If you haven't been to yet, please let me introduce you. This site is filled with hand made gifts for you or the special people in your life. I have gotten everything for pet gifts, wedding favors to birthday gifts here. There is just so much to choose from! Not to mention, you are helping local artists. These cutting boards are beautiful. They also would be a great wedding gift. I could use one. Just saying...

4. For the Baker Foodie
Baker Necklace 

How cute is this necklace? If you have a baker in your life that would appreciate some bling, this is your gift! What better way to show the world they are a foodie. Did I mention how cute it is?

5. Party Hosting Foodie
Foodie Flash Cards

Uncommon Goods is such an amazing website for great and well, uncommon gifts. My husband and I love having cocktail parties at our house a few times a year. Our friends and I always enjoy playing some games once the wine is flowing. If you have a bunch of foodies over ( what foodies don't?) then you can play this fun flash card game! This would be a perfect stocking stuffer to test your foodie knowledge!

Hope this list helped! Good Luck & Happy Shopping! And if you have a site where you like to shop for foodie gifts let us all know!

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