Monday, September 10, 2012

Flying off the Grill ( with Good Beer in Hand)

Craving smokey, delicious barbecue washed down with refreshing Newport Storm Beer? Look no further than the Smoke House and Newport Storm Beer Dinner. This dinner's theme was flying off the grill, which included every delicacy you could think of with wings barbecued to perfection. Each course was paired with a specific Newport Storm beer that compliments the flavors in the dish. After each course, one of the founders of Newport Storm brewery spoke about the beer we were tasting and the pairing.

We started the night off with my table's hands down favorite dish, the duck wings. That's right. Picture chicken wings , but a little bit bigger and slathered in orange Amber Ale dipping sauce. Well, and they were from a duck. These wings were super tender, juicy, and sticky.I need to recreate this dish.

The second course was by far one of the largest turkey legs I have ever seen, which was served with a cranberry barbecue sauce. Picture being in Disney World and watching patrons walking around the Magic Kingdom eating turkey legs the size of their faces. Please tell me you have seen this? This turkey was smokey and juicy. The sauce may have been one of the best barbecue sauces I have had in my life. Maybe it is because it contained the Newport Storm Cyclone Series, Sabrina that was paired with this course. I was clearly full after this course, but there was so much food to come!

The third course was a cornish game hen with a schitake mushroom duxelles. The hen was smoked in the on site smoker at the Smoke House. I might need to invest in a smoker because the meat in every course was so tender and flavorful. The mushroom duxelles was a high point in the dish because it was so luscious. This delicious hen was paired with Ursula, a delicious pale ale, which is part of a limited release series.

This amazing meal was topped off with an cheeky spin on a ice cream float. Delicious coffee gelato was paired with the Tim Dunkelweiss. I would have never thought to pair beer and ice cream to make a float. What a treat! This was delicious. To make the dessert even better, the float was garnished with a shortbread cookie in the shape of a bird! So cute, so buttery, so delicious.

The next dinner is on October 13th and it is the last of the season. This meal was worth double what they are charging so if you like beer and you like smokey barbecue then make sure you are at last Smoke House/Newport Storm dinner. For more information call 401.848.9800. The price for this dinner is $42 per person + gratuity. 

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