Monday, September 3, 2012

Eating my Way Through Montreal

For our first wedding anniversary my amazing husband planned a surprise trip to Montreal,Canada. I had only ever been to Niagara Falls so I was super excited to be traveling to Montreal. Just five hours later we were across the border into Quebec and we were ready for a foodie adventure!

The verdict. Montreal was a blast! They are French speaking so I felt like I was in Paris again ( minus the Eiffel Tower.) If you don't speak French ( like us) don't worry. Everyone there also speaks English. Many times we were greeted with a cheerful,"Bojour! Hi!" So respond with whatever language you speak and you are golden! Now, what you have all been waiting for... The Food.

Our first night we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant called Seoul Chako where it was all you can eat and you cooked almost everything yourself. If you like cooking, this is a blast! I ate far too much ( eating a sushi roll, edamame, and potstickers by myself. It was so wrong, yet so right. The Soporro's were going down far to easily and Toby and I had a blast cooking and eating for hours.

For another meal we went to an upscale burger joint called Burger Bar Crescent, which was amazing! We looked at Yelp( perfect to use even when in other countries) and we saw that this place got some stellar reviews. They  had delicious burgers, all which seemed better than the next. I was incredibly intrigued by a blue cheese burger with crumbled BBQ chips, ranch dressing and bacon, but I decided on the Supersonic Burger. This amazing burger was topped with onion rings, Jarlsberg cheese, bacon, pickles, tomatoes, banana peppers and spicy mayo. OMG.Do burgers get better than this? To top it off I got to eat what Montreal is famous for.. Poutine. Do you like gravy cheese fries? If you do, you will love Poutine. Crunchy french fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curds. This was one big slice of heaven people. Try it.

 And the last bit of amazingness I want to tell you about is a pizza cone. Confused? So were we. I saw a picture of a pizza cone ( picture a slice of pizza turned inward so everything is on the inside) on pinterest and I knew I had to have it! Man was I right. We were totally intrigued as to how they even make these ( a specially made oven) and how you actually eat them(quickly?).I guess the only way I can describe it is you eat it like an ice cream cone except it is full of ooey gooey cheese and the toppings of your choice. Has anyone ever had these before?
 Overall, Montreal was a blast. It was an amazing city with super nice people, amazing food, and lots of hand crafted beer. Did I mention the food was delicious? Cheers!


  1. I love Montreal (and poutine!) If you're ever craving pizza cones in RI, there's a place on Thayer - I've never been, but I walk by it almost every day...

    1. NO WAY! Where on Thayer?? I have been in the dark on pizza cones for so long!

  2. Montreal looks delicious! :) Happy anniversary.