Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Achieve More Kitchen Space

Kitchen space is a tough game to win; no matter how well we think we're doing, we all find we're in need of more space in the kitchen once dinner preparations start.  Here is a guest post from Jillian that will show you  5 ways in which you can beat the odds against your kitchen and free up some much valued space. 

Clear Counter Space: This may sound difficult but it should be your mantra while trying to free up your kitchen space.  Counters are the first place to become cluttered as many counters are packed to the brim with appliances, tools, soaps or decorations.  Find out what is essential and what can be stored if room is found, because you will be able to find room.  Knives can be moved from their blocks to drawers.  Blenders, toasters, juicers, food processors, most of these items aren't used every day and take up large amounts of space; move them to a drawer or pantry, or, if there's no space there, consider buying a small shelf or end-table that could double as an island.  

Maximize Your Pantry: Pantries are closets, many times of the walk-in variety, designed specifically for your kitchen.  Utilize this space; organize it just as you would a closet.  You can use many of the same closet organizers in your pantry.  Create extra shelving with pantry dividers to help store griddles, pans, holiday dishes, etc. laterally.  You can create more wine storage space with x-racks; these x-shaped wooden dividers should fit snugly into your shelf space and allow you to utilize the full area of your shelves; and they don't have to be just for wine. 

Storage Islands: Islands are great ways to add space, storage and function to your kitchen.  If you're installing an island into your kitchen, make sure and get as much shelving and drawer space out of it as possible; think of them as storage spaces with a counter and sink.  This tip also refers to creating storage islands for non-food or kitchen items such as car keys, note pads, pens, phone chargers, all the items that usually accumulate into a pile in the kitchen; wall mounting new shelves or bins will help take the clutter of the counter.   
Organize For Ease: Organizing some of the items in your kitchen around your demands will allow you to free up space.  You can consolidate some of your major cooking tools, spatulas, spoons, spices, oil, etc, in a rack on a wall above the stove, making it handy and out of the way.  You can do the same with common non-perishable staples like salt, pepper, sugar and napkins by giving them their own condiment caddy as you'd see in many restaurants.

Tool Consolidation: While you might not be able to find a Swiss Army blade full of spatulas, spoons, and other common kitchen items, you should take advantage of any multi-tools you can.  KitchenAid's mixer is a great item because it offers a series of attachments to turn it into everything from a juicer to a sausage stuffer to an ice cream maker.  Even something as simple as a four-in-one avocado tool will save you space on the counter or in the sink. 

With these 5 tips, you should be able to gain an edge on the battle for space in your kitchen.

Jillian is a interior design and organization expert. She reviews kitchenisland designs, and kitchen fixtures, and everything else that goes into kitchen design. When she is not fixing up other people's kitchens, she enjoys spending time in her own kitchen cooking and helping her son learn about different foods.

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