Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Outside the Kitchen: Baltimore, MD

So I finally back from my trip to Baltimore. What a great city! The people are friendly, you get amazing waterfront views and did I mention the food? Yeah, it is amazing.  I can't wait to tell you guys about the amazing places I went to so you can enjoy the deliciousness too!I met my friend Dan for the day and he took me around and showed me this amazing city.

The Waterfront Hotel

Our first stop for lunch was the Waterfront Hotel. It was amazing! We started off with fried pickles because... well ... why wouldn't you get them? I love fried pickles because they are crunchy on the outside and tart on the inside. Did I mention you dip them in ranch? Yeah, exactly. For lunch I had pork belly tacos which were piled high with a cabbage slaw and juicy pork belly and mango BBQ sauce. Yum!

Pitango Gelato

Because all of that was not enough, we also went to Pitango Gelato, which had delicious gelato flavors like spicy chocolate and cinnamon. For an afternoon pick me up we each got an affogato, which is gelato with espresso poured over top. So creamy and delicious. The cinnamon gelato paired perfectly with the espresso!

Salt Tavern

I have no words for how amazing this restaurant was. It was super small with less then twenty tables, but it was packed for a Wednesday night. The highlights of the meal were the appetizers and dessert. This was not my first duck fat fries order of the trip, but the dipping sauces made this dish. They were served with a malt vinegar, truffle and sriracha aioli. The malt vinegar was our favorite. So delicious!We also had beef tartar with a quail egg in a hole and pesto. Ahhhhhhhmazing.

Our favorite part of the meal was the goat cheese donuts for dessert. O-M-G. These donuts were perfectly fried and super soft on the inside. The goat cheese was not overpowering and it paired perfectly with honey, lavender and salt. Does it get any better people?I wish we each had our own orders!

Maiwand Kabob

I know this picture does not do this chicken kabob justice, but this was legit the best kabob I have had ever. Maiwand Kabob is an Afghan Resturant that offers a ton of yummy dishes like curry, kabobs and wraps. For 11:30 this restaurant was packed for lunch! Lines of patrons is always a good sign! The chicken was super moist and the naan. Oh the naan.... This was the best naan bread I have had in my life. It was perfectly cooked and was chewy and delicious. This sandwich was so big, but I stuffed my face because it was so delish!

These are just a few of the amazing meals I had. What are your favorite restaurants in Baltimore?

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